Cami & Scott Say I Do | Mooresville Wedding | Langtree Plantation Wedding

I was super excited about Cami & Scott's wedding for a few reasons but the first being that they had the perfect wedding date, April 23rd, 2017. (My birthday!!)  They picked a gorgeous venue, Langtree Plantation, in Mooresville, NC and travelled to us from Nashville, TN. To top it off they were both so laid back, sweet and calm on their wedding day. Even though it was a rainy day, and we couldn't take advantage of a lot of the portrait spots around the venue, rain on the wedding day is good luck and we weren't going to let it ruin anything!

Our morning started out with the ladies! I absolutely love detail shots and Cami had some of the prettiest details for us to document. I just knew her dress was going to look AMAZING on her! & those shoes, swoon!!

The girls got ready on the top floor of the plantation house and the boys had the bottom floor. We kicked the boys out for a little bit to grab these portraits of the bridesmaids in their adorable robes downstairs in the parlor before they finished getting all dolled up! I don't think the boys minded much, since they couldn't drink inside the plantation house. It gave them an excuse to pour one, or maybe two back before they started their portraits. 

Below are some of Scott's dapper details. 

One of the amazing things about the plantation house is that there were so many rooms for the girls to get ready in. This particular room, where Cami finished getting ready, had a stunning life size canvas painting of a wedding gown. My associate, Emily, suggested that we take a picture of the veil with canvas. I knew just how to make it happen! 

Often times, we kick the bridesmaids out when the bride is getting into her dress. However, since it was raining, it was the perfect opportunity to keep the bridesmaids in the room and get their natural reactions as Cami transformed into a beautiful bride! 

Cami was a gorgeous bride & Scott was a very lucky man that Sunday! 

The groomsmen usually wait until the very last minute to get dressed and ready, which we are always fine with because that means less time for the boys to mess up their clothes! Up until this point I believe there was a little alcohol and a lot of Heads Up! I love seeing which guy takes the lead of showing everyone else how to tie their tie and fold the pocket square. 

Cami & Scott chose to be a little more traditional on their wedding day and forgo to the popular First Look and instead had an emotional, sentimental First Feel. 

Originally we had planned to photograph Cami with her bridesmaids and Scott with his groomsmen before the ceremony. Unfortunately due to the rain, we decided to postpone those pictures until after the ceremony, hoping the rain may quit. Instead we orchestrated this epic bridal party picture of everyone on the porch and balcony. I love that we were able to still incorporate the bridal party with the stunning venue despite the rain. 

There was only one more thing that needed to happen before the ceremony started, Cami's father needed to meet his daughter as a bride! There is something just so special about a bond between the bride and her father, this one nearly brought tears to our eyes. 

I absolutely loved the soft details of the white flowers and candles in the rustic chic barn. 

With a packed house it was time for the wedding ceremony to begin. 

Most wedding ceremonies are pretty similar but I have to say this one particular moment will always stand out to me. Before the officiant even read Scott his vows, he jumped right to the 'I Do!!' As you can see, Cami was cracking up & so was just about everyone else in the barn. 

With the rain sticking around, we decided to utilize the covered barn as our family formal location. I'm so glad we did, I just love how everyone stands out against the wood. (I mean hey, the new last name is Wood!) 

As the temperature began to drop it was time to begin the bridal party portraits. They are one good looking crew! 

With a few minutes to spare before the reception was slated to begin, we let the newlyweds have a few intimate moments to themselves, with us documenting the whole thing of course. 

The reception venue at Langtree Plantation is large, open and had stunning custom fabric draping with chandeliers throughout. The mint and pink details really popped! 

Let's welcome for the first time as husband and wife, Mr & Mrs Scott Wood! Followed immediately by their first dance. 

It was obvious that Cami & her dad had a little more practice with their dance! You both nailed it!!

One very unique and cool thing about this wedding was that Cami's Matron of Honor and Scott's Best Man are actually married and introduced the two of them! The speeches were both sweet and funny. Check out Cami's running motion when the Best Man talked about Scott running back to walk Cami to her car after he was so nervous on their first date that he forgot. Way to seal the deal! 

Cami's dad did a great job with his speech as well, thanking everyone and making sure to embarass Cami just a little bit. 

Next, it was time to cut the gorgeous cake. If I remember correctly, there were 3 or 4 different flavors. I may have tried them all, I mean it was kind of like birthday cake for me! 

The bouquet was caught by one of the bridesmaids who was surprised and excited!

There was only one thing left to do, party the night away!! Congrats Cami & Scott Wood. Thank you for choosing HOH to capture your important moments and document those memories!! Also a big thanks to Whitney Abbot Events for introducing us to the couple. You put on an amazing wedding, even all the way from Germany!