12 Days of Christmas Small Business Edition | Day Two

Day Two

Gifts for the dog lover. 


If you're like me, you may like your dog more than you like most people. I mean, my dog is pretty awesome. There isn't anyone else in this world that gets as excited to see me as Bentley does. He wags his little tail, jumps up in excitement and smothers me with kisses overtime I walk in the door, even if I just walked out two minutes before. It's a pretty incredible feeling! Even if you aren't currently a dog owner, I'm sure you know one. 

I would buy Bentley, my sweet baby Beagle, just about anything for Christmas. The problem is, he owns most of it already. Every week when he goes to Petco for his training sessions he gets a new toy so there ins't much he doesn't have. However, I came across these custom dog collars by Clara's Collars, a small business out of Pennsylvania, at the Southern Women's Show and just had to have them. The collars are not only beautiful but also so durable. I may have already let Bentley wear the Christmas one. The Panthers collar will be in his stocking from Santa Mimi. Clara's Collars makes not only dog collars but custom leashes and harnesses too. Definitely go check them out and buy one, or two like me!  

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