Stitch Fix VS Wantable | The Subscription Box Showdown

If you haven't heard about Stitch Fix or Wantable you have been living under a rock! No really!! Stitch Fix & Wantable are subscription boxes that come in the mail full of fabulous clothes for you to try on & potentially buy. Basically, it's shopping with a personal stylist without having to leave your house! Personally, I love it. & I think you should too.

I don't have the time (or patience) to go to the mall and search endless racks for something that is both my size and style. With both Stitch Fix & Wantable you fill out a fashion survey, pay the $20 styling fee (which is applied to any order you make) and stalk the mailman.

For my engaged clients, this is your solution to the age old question "What do I wear to my engagement session?". This blog is to compare two of the most popular, and best, subscription boxes. If we start with just the boxes, Stitch Fix gets the first point in the subscription box showdown! Stitch Fix rocks it out with their adorable mint logo and custom tape. (I'm a big fan of branding!)


Stitch Fix continues their awesome branding with the inside of their box as well. You have two days to try on the clothes and decide if you want to purchase any of the pieces. But alas, onto the clothes..

The Stitch Fix box came with 5 pieces including 3 shirts, a pair of jeans and an infinite scarf. The stylist was pretty right on for my style! Flowy shirts are great for my industry, I can't work in anything too tight or form fitted. The jeans fit like a glove and were a great dark color. (I do wish the ankles were a little more fitted.) I am not much for bulky scarves because I have a tiny face and don't want any accessory to overpower me. But, accessorizing and layers are super important in photos!

Overall, my Stitch Fix box had bold colors, perfect sizing & all pieces were versatile and comfortable. All of the items were affordable. I do wish there was a little more variety when it came to the fit on the shirts. I ended up keeping the outfit on the left and have worn it as shown several times already!

When you open the Wantable box you see a little more of their branding. The instructions make it very clear on how to order the pieces you love. Wantable gives you five days to try on the clothes and decide which pieces you would like to keep and purchase. #winning

Wantable also sent 5 pieces including two shirts, two jackets and a pair of jeans. They always send me the BEST jackets & know I usually purchase them so I always get at least one in my box. One leg up, in my opinion, is that Wantable typically gives higher end, name brand clothes. The downside is they usually come at a higher price point as well. 

The two shirts did not fit me well, at all. The stripped shirt is was way too wide and a funky stretchy material. I love the bold color of the tee but it was far too see through to be realistic. The jeans fit great and I loved the wide cuff. The black blazer is an awesome staple piece! It's tight on the arms but stretchy, very comfortable. The back of the blazer even goes up in a little point, showing off the booty. The taupe faux leather jacket folds open in the front, adorable! I'm not going to lie, I actually bought this piece on the box before this one. My mom loved it so much she asked for me to order it in a size up for her. So now we both own this great jacket! So I kept two jackets and the jeans!! 

Wantable nailed my style and gave me figure flattering pieces but at a higher price point.

Do yourself a favor and try at least one, but you really deserve BOTH, subscription box companies. & when you do make sure to use my referral link ;)