Kelly & Rodney Say I do | Sebastian, Florida A1A | When your best friend gets married...

I remember the day I met Kelly. We were moving into our dorm rooms in January at Muskingum University. We had both transferred in mid-year, and on my tour day and registration day the counselor who was assigned to me said "I just met another girl transferring, I have a feeling you two would get along, I think I am going to put in for her to be your roommate." I didn't think too much of that comment, however, behold that girl became one of the best friends I have ever had, and ever will have. When I walked in - I noticed she had already put up a few posters - of the beach - and the just happened to be the exact same ones I brought. That evening after moving in and exploring - we watched Golden Girls together, as we ended up doing every afternoon before dinner for the rest of the year. We have had so many adventures - memories - and good times. Kelly was there when Jack was first born, and scheduled her last semester of class so when Tad and I were in class, she would come to the house and snuggle and take care of baby Jack.  No matter the distance between us, we will always pick up right where we left off, and her wedding was one of the most special events ever. I am so lucky to have been able to go! And I have to say Kelly - you picked a wonderful man! Tad and I love Rodney and wish we were closer so we could spend more time with the both of you. You two are perfect for each other - and if I have to be 9 hours away at least I know you are being taken care of by your best friend* and an awesome guy. *(I suppose I can share our bestieship.)

The day started off in the salon - and began with so many laughs - and stories - that the time flew by. 

Kelly's dress was beautiful - and was perfect for her. (I kept thinking of the many times we went shopping together for dresses, clothes, and getting ready, we would always say "thats it! thats the one!" and this dress? It was the one. and was perfect.)

I love first looks with Dad. Kelly's parents are the sweetest ever, and have also been there for us so many times. They are wonderful parents, and fabulous grandparents, I was so honored to be there for this moment. 

The ceremony location was perfect - you can't get better than being married on the ocean off of A1A. 

Probably my favorite photo from the evening, was the one of Kelly and Rodney entering the reception - when you get a photo that captures all the emotion and energy of the day - its awesome. 

Christy and her kids were also a highlight for me. She is a wonderful Mommy - and has awesome children who love her and Kelly so much they had to help for her speech. 

Tad had to go over and grab Kelly for a photo. Tad and Kelly have been through just as many adventures and we all lived together in our first apartment. After Jack was in bed these two - spent hours - and hours - hell weeks, maybe months battling on Mario Kart 64. 

I will leave you with some sparkler photos - CONGRATS Kelly and Rodney we are so happy for you!