Meet the Team | Part One

Together, Janel & I, decided that we needed new and updated headshots. This time we wanted to incorporate the whole team. We took the photo shoot as an opportunity to put ourselves in our client's shoes. & let me tell you it's no easy task to prepare for a shoot properly, but it is sooo worth it!

Step One: Outfits. Now this was a particularly difficult task because we had to find coordinating outfits for all 4 of us. Janel & I hit the new outlets and began hunting. The crew seems to think I am the more fashionable one, no pressure or anything. I found Shannon's outfit first, it was an adorable one piece pant suit that elongates her legs. I also found a super cute and funky chevron print romper for Janel. We accessorized her get up with a thin red belt. At another boutique we found my dress next, it was white with black stripes on the skirt. It puffs out and flatters the waist line. For Tad we picked up a slim fit shirt, skinny tie and photographer dress pants all in black and from Express. The day of the shoot we hit up my mom's closet for red bangles, necklaces and earrings for the girls. You don't have to spend a fortune to look & feel like a million bucks!

Step Two: Hair & Makeup. We strongly encourage our brides to treat themselves to a Blow Out Bar before their photo shoots. There are a few reasons that having a professional do your hair and makeup is important. First, it takes away the stress of getting ready. Leave the styling to the professionals! Second, it will save you time. These ladies did my hair in half the time it takes me. Third, you will leave feeling great. Most importantly though, you will look amazing! We chose to visit the 1890 Blow Dry Bar in Ballantyne because it was close to our chosen location for the shoot (which you will only find out where it is if you book us!). Not only was 1890 Blow Dry Bar bright, airy and adorable but had friendly and knowledgeable stylists.

You come in with dirty hair and the ladies will wash, blow dry and style it for you. I have been once or twice before but it was Shannon & Janel's first time. I think I have made loyal customers out of them. I can't afford to do it every day but at about $40 per style I can definitely afford to do it before a photo shoot or even a hot date. 

We were only in the salon for about an hour & transformed into new women. With our confidence through the roof we were ready to touch up our morning makeup, put on a red lip, add some falsies and get this show on the road! 

Step Three: Photoshoot. With everyone dressed and ready to go the session began. Even if the finished photos look nice and polished (which we hope they do), the process is the same for us as it is for you. There was a lot of awkward faces, stiff poses, wardrobe mishaps and tons of laughs. 

Meet Tad & Shannon. Tad is a lover of all things nerd. (I would name some, but I'm clueless in this department) He's a pirate, captain and the tallest member of the HOH team. The grooms love him because he won't tell the bride if you're freaking out and need a shot, or five. Tad also builds us fabulous things like our awesomely chic wall at the Bridal Show! Shannon is fun, spunky and always happy. You can never be in a bad mood if she is around. She elicits giggles like no other. They are our second shooters and accompany us at weddings to photograph unique perspectives of your day. They're usually responsible for your pictures of your wedding details, walking down the aisle and groom prep to name a few.

Next up, photographing each other. We were a bit more difficult because we are kind of picky about how we look in photos. It's a good thing we know how to make each other laugh so that we were able to capture natural smiles. 

Meet Janel & Amanda. Janel is obsessed with the lake. She spends every weekend at LKN despite living in Indian Land, SC. She is creative, crafty and super open minded. She is always challenging herself to find unique angles and innovative poses during weddings. She has two adorable kids (jack is 8 and Molly is 4) and is always taking them to karate practice, swim lessons and play dates. I'm Amanda, and I'm practical, stubborn and goal oriented. I may be slightly OCD but that works to your benefit. I will always be on time, keep to your wedding day schedule and return pictures on or before deadline. I love to go to concerts (have the megaticket this summer!) and watch movies in my down time. & I'm slightly obsessed with babies. Together, we work alongside our second shooters to capture your wedding day. & if you book a Platinum package we get to photograph your wedding together, which we LOVE!!! 

We are quite the crew & I hope you enjoyed our photos as much as we enjoyed taking them. Remember: Pick outfits that coordinate but don't match & accessories with a pop of color. Treat yourself to a professional Blow Out and Makeup Artist. Let your photographers suggest an amazing venue. Relax & let your personality shine. You will end up with amazing photos that you will cherish for a lifetime! 


Check back for Part Two which will show you our casual outfits!!


<3 Amanda