Sam & Bryan Say I Do | Cornerstone Baptist Church

I met Samantha 6 short weeks before her wedding. Her wedding was on the only open Saturday we had in two months so it was meant to be! 

I'm very glad that I was able to photograph this wedding because I have never met a kinder and more excited bride!

Sam's 5 bridesmaids chose different shades of blue for their dresses.

The girls were so pretty and actually on time!

Bryan and his groomsmen were great to work with as well, they kept Shannon laughing all day.

After putting on their snazzy gray suits, they were ready for group pictures. 

I LOVE Sam's reaction when her mom got to see her in her wedding dress for the first time.

Oh did I mention her favorite part of her dress?!? POCKETS.

Bryan wrote a sweet letter and had a gift delivered to his sweet bride the morning of the wedding It was a Coach watch, well done Bryan!

The ladies braved the heat for a bridal party pictures before the ceremony, dodging incoming guests.

I'm sure the guys were much warmer though.

I don't think I've mentioned yet how the adorable couple met...Bryan is an EMT and Sam is an ER nurse. So naturally, Bryan brought the ambulance along for some wedding day fun with his fellow medics.

Ring shots are my new favorite, and this one is just gorgeous!! 

Another really unique aspect to this wedding is that both Bryan & Sam's fathers are pastors. They tag teamed the wedding in Sam's home church, it was beautiful. 

After the ceremony I snuck the couple away for a few quick shots of just the two of them.

Their love for each other really showed through in the portraits.

Don't ever take life too serious.

& remember to love a lot.

These are two of my favorites from the day.

The reception was short but as sweet as cake!

For a minute I thought the cake cutting was going to get a little messy.

Sam's faces during the toast are priceless!

The garter toss was conveniently caught by the youngest man in the bridal party.

The bouquet was caught by Bryan's aunt.

The couple had a bubble send off and left in quite the ride!

Thanks so much for letting Head Over Heels be part of your big day and we wish you nothing but the best going forward in your new married life together!