Hot Topic Tuesday | 7 Reasons You Need a Second Shooter on Your Wedding Day

Hi - Janel here! This is our first weekly "Hot Topic Tuesday" blog post. I am super excited to be able to share ideas/topics with you on a weekly basis, that help with your weddings and help you understand why we do what we do! This week I want to talk about 7 reasons you NEED a second photographer at your event. When sitting down and deciding what to offer the brides of Head Over Heels Wedding Photography we said "What packages should have two shooters?" And you know what we came up with? All. All of HOH weddings will have two photographers. All 4 of us over here at HOH have shot weddings solo. Can we do it? Sure. Will we? Nope. Here is why:

7. Angles of Action. What does that mean? Here is an example of a moment that two photographers make a huge difference in the final story/product. The bouquet toss is always fast, dark, and full of energy. As a Lead shooter, I always set up to grab the photo of the bride tossing her flowers, while this is very important, what I miss making that choice is the ladies that catch the bouquet. The second photographer is all set and ready to snap the image at the perfect moment of the catch, completing my awesome image of the toss.

6. Formals. Formals take the longest chunk of time after the ceremony and before the reception. These portraits are often necessary, but also take away time for your private couples portrait session. Having two photographers coordinating and setting up formals makes for a flawless, and fast process, what that means for you is more creative private photos of the two of you.

5. Malfunction and insurance. There have been times that I am about to take shot, and something goes wrong. Sometimes the flash malfunctions, sometimes the battery unexpectedly dies, sometimes I just need a second to figure out what is going wrong. At these moments, as a Lead, I am able to turn to my second and say "Hey...something is wrong grab this shot", take a second, fix my settings, change a battery, and jump right back in the game. I love having a second I can rely on, and I love being able to tell my brides that in the event of something goofy happening, we have it covered, and you will get your shot. 

4. Candids. While I am setting up portraits, and posing the day away when you have two photographers, you get some really awesome candids in your storyboard. These shots often capture raw and real emotion the way that my posed shots can not. I love being able to compose a complete story full of candids that have that much emotion and raw experience in them.

3. Art. Similar to the candids that you get, you also get lots of artistic beautiful photographs having two people at your day. Often times these are my favorite images of the entire event, and many are not mine, the creativity the second shooter gets to display in the final product often provides the images that you want on your wall as canvases. 

2. Complete story. You know what the most fun thing for the couple is? I think it is being able to tell and show a complete story, often of things you missed or couldn't be a part of. For example, while the bride and bridal party gets ready, the groom and groomsmen also get ready. Having two photographers allows both groom and bride to see the other 1/2 of the day in the album. And that is really really cool. (Like, when the note you wrote each other makes you both cry? We are there for that photo, and you get to see it after. How. Cool.)

1. Quality. The quality difference in the final product when having two photographers there for a whole event is enough that Head Over Heels will always send along two photographers. More images, more art, more creativity, more insurance, and overall a better experience and final product. It is super important to us. And hopefully now you see that too! 

We can't wait to be a part of your big day.