Kynlee & Mark | Backyard Wedding

Kynlee & Mark had an intimate wedding at a family friend's estate. They had been dating for YEARS and everyone was excited that they were finally tying the knot. 

Mark's sweet bride got him a gift that put a giant smile on his face. 

Just like I'm sure this rock put a giant smile on hers ;) 

Mark's grandmother had the pleasure of putting his boutonniere on. 

Ahh father & daughter first look, my fav!

The weather was perfect and the sun blessed this wedding. 

Meet the absolutely adorable ring bearer! I could just eat him up.

His parents were the best man and maid of honor. 

The first moment I saw this ivy covered shed I was in love and knew I would be using it for their first pics together as husband & wife. 

Their first dance was choreographed and beautiful. 

The sun began to set on the father & daughter dance.

Kynlee made such a beautiful bride!

Have a wonderful honeymoon you two!! 



<3 Amanda